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Family is Forever: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but if You Try Sometimes…

November 2nd, 2011 by Amanda Wilens in Uncategorized · No Comments

Well hello there!

Hope you are all doing well! My life has been extremely hectic lately. Last week I was so overwhelmed that I caused myself to get sick. Then I found out that my grandmother was extremely ill. I had to go home to visit her and make sure that my family was doing alright. There is nothing worse than having someone who is near and dear to you being in the hospital and so sick. I was really nervous about missing a lot of work and classes…luckily my awesome classmates, sisters, professors and supervisors at work made sure everything was taken care of here at school.

As luck would have it, I have a lot of my Tri Delta and SAI sisters in my classes and some at work with me. When it came to missing class I was able to email my professors who helped fill me in on what I was missing and my sisters were able to give me notes from the classes I missed. It can be tough missing classes because most professors love to give lectures and have discussions, which is what covers all the course material. Also missing out on work has been hard, but my bosses have been really great and understanding in that I need to be with my family.

When I was home I was able to spend some quality time with my family, which was great. I also got to make my desserts for tonight’s Delta Desserts at the Tri Delta House here on campus. I made quite the assortment of desserts… vegan chocolate chip cookies, coffee cake and even cupcakes with mustache toppers!! Tonight will be extremely fun and a definite time to uplift my spirits. Other than just having a house full of delicious desserts, a live band (a great jazz combo made up of some dear friends) and great company, all of the proceeds will go towards benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It is annually one of the best and most popular events here on campus. Really who can say no when it comes to $5 for endless desserts and helping children all at the same time!

Oh and if you were curious about Safe Trick or Treat, we didn’t win anything, but people loved “The Delta Hallows”/Hogwarts that we created at the house for our tour stop!

Well, I’m off to fold shirts for Preview Day, which is in TWO WEEKS!!! YAY! If you would like to come remember to visit! We would love to have you there and it’s FREE!

Check in soon for more news!

Buh bye!!


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If music be the food of love, play on: First Performances

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Good morning everyone!

Hope you haven’t missed me terribly since last week, life here at Pacific has been insanely busy. So, like I said last week everything and anything is happening here on campus. Something that I really have enjoyed though was performing this last week. On Monday my music sorority, SAI, had it’s Fall Recital. We performed all sorts of pieces, like “On the Radio” by Regina Spektor, “Sister” by Mumford and Sons and even “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. If you would like to check them out just go to and watch the videos! I really enjoyed directing this recital and working collaboratively with my sisters to arrange and perfect all of our pieces. This was a great opportunity for the women of our organization to work on pieces that are not necessarily for school, but something they really enjoy doing. While the University has a great Conservatory with a wonderful Classical program, they rarely branch away from that. The jazz program here is also very small, so this chance to play whatever we like really motivates the women of SAI to play something great.

This also motivated me last year to start a jazz choir, but unfortunately that was unable to happen. So, I got together with the Pacific A Cappella Optimist Club and tried to make things happen there as the new President. This year I was worried we would be off to a rough start, but to our good luck we have about 20 active members! We meet once a week to practice our music for an hour or so. This last piece we performed Tuesday in the Lair on campus. Here is a rough video of our performance:   I think that it went really well for our first ever piece and performance. Thank goodness for our awesome Music Director Jimmy Kraft and for our Open  Mic night, which ASUOP’s Arts and Entertainment program puts on once a week! They asked us to come back soon and perform again, hopefully we were able to recruit some new members while we were there as well.

There’s nothing like music that makes my energy level peak and my happiness grow. I’m hoping for more performances this semester. Keep tuned to see what happens!


Until next time…

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Life well spent is long: Do or do not, there is no “try”.

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This has been an extremely long week, so full of work, class, meetings and rehearsals!

Exciting news in the work place, Preview Day is tomorrow! So the school will be full of potential students and I am so excited to help them learn about Pacific! This is also Parent and Family Weekend/Fall Festival so it is a crazy busy time here in Admissions. Everyone is running around doing preparation work for the potential students and for our current students’ families.

In the world of sorority life, things are even crazier than work. Tri Delta has been working extremely hard for the LipSync Competition tomorrow afternoon. This competition is always a huge deal on campus. Different clubs, organizations and all the social sororities compete in a full on competition in front of the whole school. They are judged by the President of our campus and other important figures, the winner receives a prize for judges favorite and audience’s choice. Fingers crossed that we can place this year, and if we mess up that the audience finds us funny enough to make us their favorite.

My music sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota is having our Fall Recital, SAI on the Radio, this upcoming Monday (Oct.17th). These past two weeks preparing our group pieces has been really hectic, but everything seemed to be coming together nicely last night. I know it will be amazing and hilarious…you (whoever “you” actually is) should check it out on youtube later, my account is awilens23. We are also starting to prepare for the SAI 1920’s Dinner and a Show, which will be held Nov 19th here on campus. We just started to check out venues yesterday! Looks like it will be in the Alumni House right now, which will be gorgeous and perfectly copacetic!

In addition to all of that my other organizations are going great as well. My club, Dumbledore’s Army, is helping the school put on a Quidditch game for the University to showcase. It should be highly entertaining and may even be on the news. I know the students and faculty are really excited for this to happen. The VP of the University will actually be dressed up as Dumbledore and another as the golden snitch, biking around campus. Completely normal, right? Oh and my A Cappella Optimist Club is going well too! This Tuesday we are performing at the Brickyard in the Lair on campus. If we can keep our pitches in the right key and if I can pretend to be a British woman (aka Adele) well enough, I think it will be great!

Well more to come later on all of this. I have work to finish, solo class to attend and a long awaited coffee/tea date slowly approaching.


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The First of Many to Come

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My name is Amanda Wilens and I am a Junior at Pacific. I am from El Dorado Hills, California, but was born in raised in Chicago, Illinois. I am a Sociology major with a Music minor with aspirations of working with a Non-Profit that working with educating and bringing music to children. I am a member and Vice President of Membership for the Social Sorority Delta Delta Delta. I am also a member and the Music Director of the Professional Music Sorority Sigma Alpha Iota and a member of the Honors Fraternity Alpha Lambda Delta. I am also the President of two clubs on campus, Dumbledore’s Army and A Cappella Optimist. I work in Admissions as a student worker in three different programs and am also a Pacific Ambassador, doing tours and working orientations! I love helping potential students, new students, and anyone in  need of a helping hand! I have a problem saying no, so I end up doing it all and loving my busy college life.

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